Curse Of Weapons

by militaris-tic

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LP version released by Bestial Burst


released April 8, 2016

J.Pervertor - New holocaust on ten strings, backing up the damned. Harald Mentor - Dead beat at new dawn, motherdriver vocal art. Recorded at the wasteland outskirts of Malmi, Helsinki, Finland, 2012. Finishing touch 2013.



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militaris-tic Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: Sizan Nori
Armoured vehicles, a parade of loud iron
Mutants flee inside the earth
Flags of buried nations brought back to induce fear
Terror of those in hiding, pride of those on the roll

Heaviest machinery, flame throwers and cannons
New earth is not for the weak
Troops of revenge, fire cleanses all impurity
Night-fucking-mare for those seen unfit

We decide and we reign
We rule through steel and pain...yes!

CONTROLLERS of fuel and water
CONTROLLERS of life and death

Track Name: Free World Vigilante
Salvation through retaliation
Brutal personal manifestation
If the world is free for them to steal
The world is cool with me to kill

Mighty weapons cold steel
Time for the scum to kneel
You made this town a lawless wreck
Now there´s a bullet in the back of your neck

FREEDOM - to steal and lie
FREEDOM is now yours to die
RIGHT - to rape and harrass
NOW shove your rights up your ass
Track Name: Braincell Burning Underground Device
On a lonely trail
through wastelands of the future
Pain burning in your brain
There is something out to get you

Brain cell burning underground device

Right under your feet
there are treasures well protected
A Life for those deserving
and not for those rejected

Brain cell burning underground device

Life for us and death for you
Life for us exclusively... and not for you

Beg for mercy
But mercy ain´t no justice
Your head explodes
Another corpse buried in sand...
This is the new world
conquered by those who can
you couldn´t make it
you couldn´t make a stand

Right under your remains
there are treasures well protected
A Life for those deserving
and death for those rejected

Brain cell burning underground device
Track Name: New Waves Of Hate
Humanity under mutation
by all putrid contamination
We must stay pure or die
all disease and filth we fight

Our hate you cannot control
Final solution on a roll
We fight and we fight ´til deth
We are the worst fascists you ever met

These are the new waves of hate
Iron fists will seal your fate
We are the masters on levels all
Can´t wait to see you subhumans fall

Hate is our religion, power our fate
We are the bringers of new waves of hate
Track Name: Stench
Burning pain
This pile of corpses now no man´s land
Sole survivor
The soil is nothing but poisoned sand
Years of total isolation
and the prize is this desolated planet
It´s all yours!
Cockroaches, mutations, the darkness in it

You feel sick
The unseen clouds of radiation
eats you slowly, death´s your destination
Nuclear winter caused by atmosphere of ashes
Symptoms too strong, your system collapses

Grand final of your existence
All that suffering now makes sense
Grand final of your existence
Nothing left but a burning stench

Dying man in one dead hell
Agony in rotten smell
progress was your holy grail
no one left to tell the tale

No one left to help you!
No one left to care!
Track Name: Militaris-tic
Hockey and football helmets
Leather, studs and facemasks
Flamethrowers, clubs and guns
Knives, pipes and inhuman rage

Military minded razor sharp riffs
Prepared for holocaust, in for the kill
Distorted assault, wild heavy terror
Crude desert production for your ears


You will never tame us
We will survive and we will rule
Track Name: Strategies Of Genocide
Stay remorseless, show no sympathy
World is ours and not theirs
Control the masses unworthy
Burn the masses unworthy

Endless death and terror
Executions night and day
Funeral fires light up the sky
Leaving no one to ask why

We in ourselves are the justification
It´s up to us, total purification
KILL with an iron will
KILL with an iron will
Track Name: The Last Railroad
Follow the rails bent by blast
leading to another city of the dead
On a quest for beauty in post war ugliness
The ashes fell and now it´s relatively safe

A Thermonuclear dawn looks eerie
Sun shines through thick fog
It´s cold, it´s the fucking nuclear winter
Life drained from the bodies of the weak

No train left on these rails
just a guide to cities once fallen

On a quest for beauty in post war ugliness
You can´t give up the hope, you can´t give up trying
Track Name: Gods Over Scum
There is no place for pity nor sympathy
just survival with no larger picture
New era of no mercy reigns
The world way beyond insane

Gods over scum

Armoured killers setting the rules
Endless terror and endless pain
On contaminated fields of destruction
the weak is hunted for consumption

Gods over scum


Machines of steel, and under their wheels
crushed are the corpses burnt and rotting
Lords of the wasteland, warriors brutal
burning, raping and riding

Gods over scum
Track Name: Lone Raider
Riding on
through deserted cities
Searching for something
something useful

Sole survivor
not much hope left
Riding through scenes
scenes of destruction

Keep on searching
Keep raiding

Riding on
riding on
Searching for hope
from scenes of destruction

Keep on searching
Keep raiding